Fletching CE Primary School

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This area has three goals:

  • Self-Regulation
  • Managing self
  • Building Relationships.


It focuses on children learning how to work, play, co-operate with others and function in a group beyond the family. The pupils will be placed in situations, which enable them to share, take turns, to work in a group and with a partner and to take the lead or follow. Important aspects of personal, social, moral, and spiritual development is also include in this area to develop personal values and the understanding of the viewpoint of others.



At the Bluebell Federation we use the 'Jigsaw' program to deliver the statutory PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) and RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) curriculum. Children take part in their Jigsaw lessons on Mondays and contribute to a class book. All sessions have a focus on keeping happy, healthy and active with strong links to the school values. All classrooms have a 'feelings board,' reflection area and PHSE display to encourage children to share and take pride in their achievements. We also use reflection or 'calm me' time in all classrooms after lunch time play.



 PSHE progression - Year Reception

PSHE progression - Year 1 and 2

PSHE progression - Year 3 and 4

PSHE progression - Year 5 and 6