Fletching CE Primary School


A child who learns to write at Fletching Primary School will develop a passion and curiosity for the craft of writing.

Through studying inspirational writers, they will learn the impact and importance of the written word. Our writing curriculum enables pupils to express their own voice, writing for authentic purposes – to entertain, to inform and to persuade – and is underpinned by rigorous teaching of spelling, grammar and punctuation that will equip them with the skills an expert writer needs in life.

Children regularly practise their handwriting throughout the school. In KS2 children can gain pen licence marks from well presented and neat work. 


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We follow a spelling scheme called No Nonsense Spelling which covers a wide range of the most common spelling rules and patterns, with different rules for each term and each year. These are based on the National Curriculum. The children in Year 2 will have daily lessons and those in KS2 will have 5 lessons a fortnight where they will practise different strategies to help with their spelling

You can help your child at home with spelling by:

  • Ensuring that they practising using the different strategies (see letter that went home)
  • Discussing unfamiliar words with your child.
  • Finding other words that fit the pattern or rule for that fortnight.